Add Your Collector Vehicle to the Gallery
(Open to and LaRue Insurance clients only)

Use this form to submit your collector vehicle for consideration. If chosen, we'll publish it on a Gallery Page for the world to see. Please submit each vehicle on a separate form. Read our Photo Guidelines.


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          A.) Photos must be in JPEG format (.jpg or .jpeg file extension).
               This is a typical format for many digital cameras.
          B.) Your image size should be no less than 450 pixels wide. (This will yield a file size
               of 200 kb or less.)
          C.) Our server can accept files up to 1.3 Mb; however, if you do not have a fast
               internet connection
you should try to minimize the file size. This will result in
               a shorter upload time and less chance of an upload failure.

5.) (Optional) Describe your vehicle in the Comments box. Tell the world what makes your vehicle special. What's its history? How have you restored or customized it? What awards has it won?

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